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EHX Token

EHX provides its holders with three distinct benefits, and EHX is one of the few exchange tokens whose value is backed by a constant stream of cashflow.


Total Supply


Circulating Supply

Contract Adress ETH

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EHX can be staked for a fixed APY. Staking is similar to depositing your money in the bank, and receiving an interest rate payment in return. In this case, the payment is in the form of extra EHX tokens.

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LP Staking

Eterna allows you to deposit ETH + an equal $ amount of EHX directly into our Uniswap liquidity pool. LP staking provides investors with an even higher rate of staking rewards, which can then be staked in the standard staking pool for an even higher rate of rewards and larger profit share.

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Eterna is one of the few exchanges that shares a portion of its trading fees with its token stakers. Once you stake your EHX tokens, you will automatically receive USDT on an hourly basis. The more you stake, the greater your share of Eterna’s trading fees.

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EHX’s Market Value

EHX’s market value depends on many factors, however ceteris paribus, we can estimate EHX’s expected fair market value.

EHX’s market value

f [ NPV

FCF distributed to stakers

f [ NPV

FCF distributed to stakers

token stakers

total holders

In this case, FCF = free cash flow, which stands for the trading fees distributed to EHX stakers., while NPV(FCF distributed to stakers) is the discounted percentage of free cashflow that is distributed to token stakers. In order to estimate the fair market value of the EHX token, the discounted FCF is weighted by the proportion of token-stakers to token-holders, since token stakers are less likely to sell their tokens due to regular price fluctuations, which in turn provides a minimum floor for EHX’s market price.

Decentralizing a Centralized World

Eterena Hybrid Exchange is a perpetual futures DEX that draws its liquidity from the market’s largest centralized exchanges. Eterna provides a host of unique trading tools and distributes a portion of its trading fees to EHX token stakers.

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