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Eterna Hybrid DEX: Copy Trading

What is Copy Trading?


Copy trading allows you to link your portfolio to that of a another trader, so that you automatically mirror their trades. You will find the best traders among Eterna's investors listed on our leader board.


Once you link to a trader, you will automatically mirror their trades, in proportion to the funds in your wallet. If the expert trader invests 20% of his funds in BTC, you will automatically invest 20% of your funds in BTC.


You can terminate your copy-trade relationship at any time, and regain control over your portfolio. But at long as your wallet is linked to that of the expert trader, you will pay them a monthly subscription fee of $X.

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How to use Copy Trading

How to initiate a copy trade relationship

How to calculate profit and loss

For a single asset, you can calculate profits and losses using the following formula:

Number of Tokens


Exit Price


Entry Price

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Benefits and Risks of Copy Trading


There are many benefits to copy trading. By following a more experienced trader, you can benefit from their superior knowledge and trading intuition. Successful traders tend to invest significant time researching specific investments, the crypto market, trading charts and the overall macroeconomy. Most investors have neither the time nor the knowledge to assess various charts or to evaluate the vast amount of available information. With copy trading, you need only to evaluate the performance of the trader you’re following, whose rate of return is publicly visible on Eterna’s leaderboard.


No trading strategy or method can guarantee a positive rate of return. Always consider your options wisely. Some experienced traders are more risk-accepting than others, which may or may not increase their chances of success. Please note that copying a professional trader does not assure you of positive profits, even if the trader has earned extraordinary profits in the past. Eterna does not guarantee returns, nor even that traders who have succeeded in the past will be successful in the future. Please always do your own research and take the necessary precautions to protect your funds.

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