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Eterna DEX: Universal Swap

Trade across multiple blockchains with the click of a button.

What is Universal Swap

The crypto space is comprised of blockchains. Each blockchain hosts a native coin and a diverse set of tokens. Tokens trading on one blockchain, such as Ethereum, cannot be readily exchanged for tokens trading on another chain, such as the BSC. Universal swaps allow investors who hold tokens traded on one chain to exchange them for tokens trading on another chain.


Execute Cross-Chain orders in seconds


Trade without fear of being hacked


No Registration - connect your wallet and trade

A universal swap is a decentralized crypto exchange that uses smart contracts to execute trades.

Many swaps, like Uniswap or Pancakeswap (PCS) execute trades on only one blockchain, such as the Ethereum blockchain or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) respectively. Multi-chain swaps can execute trades on several distinct blockchains, but cannot necessarily exchange tokens between blockchains. However, a Universal Swap executes trades across chains which permits investors to swap a token trading on one chain, such as the Ethereum blockchain, with another token trading on another chain, such as the BSC.

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What is interoperable trading?

Interoperable swaps permit tokens trading on one chain to be exchanged with any token trading on another chain. Eterna swap is not only multi-chain, but fully interoperable, so investors can effortlessly convert tokens trading on one chain to any token trading on another chain.

Eterna’s Universal Swap

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Eterna Swap

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How to use a Universal Swap

How to use
a Universal Swap


Let’s Get Started


Connect your wallet by pressing the “Connect Wallet” button


Select the wallet you’re using from the list.


Make sure you’re holding the crypto you intend to swap and the appropriate coin to cover gas fees.


If you’re not holding crypto, you can buy it with a credit card here.

Your selected token should appear in your wallet.


Cross-Chain Trading


Make sure you’re connected to the chain you wish to trade on.


Search for the token you wish to swap, and the token you wish to purchase.


Set your slippage level, and the number of tokens you wish to buy.


Click Swap and finalize the transaction in your wallet.


Wallet Management


Check your wallet to verify that the swapped token has been transferred.


Check the status of your transaction.


If your transaction is pending for more than 3 hours, contact us via our help desk.


Add the contract of the swapped token into your wallet.

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How to Calculate Profits and Losses

For a single asset, you can calculate profits and losses using the following formula:

Number of Tokens
USD Price per token
(1/Exit Price – 1/Entry Price)

Number of tokens x (1/Exit Price - 1/Entry Price)
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How to manage risk

In general, the best way to manage risk is to distribute your funds over several assets. Most investors in crypto lose money because they do not know how to select good assets, and they don’t know how to HODL. Meme tokens can be highly valuable, but they are also highly risky and are susceptible to scams and exploits. High utility tokens can be the most valuable in the long run, but they often require several years for their value to mature.

A good strategy would involve asset diversification, by which traders distribute their funds over a wide variety of tokens, including established meme tokens (such as Doge or Shiba) and high utility tokens. The more widely you distribute your funds, the lower your overall risk of loss.

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