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AML Policy – Eterna Hybrid Exchange

Last Updated: May 31, 2023

Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to laws and regulations implemented by national authorities in order to prevent criminals from making money illegally or moving illicit funds. Eterna Hybrid Exchange abides by all US and EU laws regarding AML.

Eterna Hybrid Exchange’s AML policy is closely linked to its KYT requirements, which is necessary for any fiat-related transaction, credit card transaction, and bank transfer.

KYT information will remain confidential unless Chainalysis flags a transaction as involving illegally procured funds, or Eterna Hybrid Exchange is required to reveal this information as a result of a properly authorized subpoena.

Eterna also employs Chainalysis, which scans every deposit entering our exchange to ensure that the funds are legitimate and free from any outstanding litigation. Any funds flagged by Chainalysis will be quarantined until the appropriate law enforcement agency provides further instructions.

Eterna also abides by US and EU laws regarding residents of sanctioned countries, who may not use Eterna Hybrid Exchange in order to circumvent the aforementioned provisions. Eterna uses geo-location to block IP addresses of residents from sanctioned countries.

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