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How Eterna Protects You

Eterna employs the most recent and effective methods for cybersecurity and AML protection.

Our security strategy


Eterna's security protocols and contingency plans follow the ISO 27001 framework.


We thoroughly audit our smart contracts and system design with every major software update.


We engage in penetration tests for our application, infrastructure and cloud services.


We're partnered with Chainalysis, to remain compliant with international financial regulations.


Our IT system is highly availabile, and includes a disaster recovery site and business continuity plans.

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Our Partners

In order to achieve the highest levels of exchange security, we’ve partnered with Chainalysis and Palo Alto Networks, as well as other cyber security firms. Chainalysis and Palo Alto Networks are the world’s leading firms in their respective niches.

Chainalysis provides Eterna’s internal blockchain security to ensure that we abide by EU regulations regarding anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-transaction (KYT) protocols.

Palo Alto Networks helps guarantee the integrity of Eterna’s network and provides a comprehensive cybersecurity framework in which we operate.

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Cyber security

Eterna’s cyber security system consists of a multi-layered network-wide framework, that guarantees the integrity of our websites, exchange, apps, and cloud-storage system and protects them from attack.

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Website Endpoints

All Eterna website endpoints are protected by various means, which we obviously won't reveal.

AWS, Akamai and Firewalls

Our data processing framework is handled by AWS and Akamai, which are protected by a proprietary firewall, so that bad actors cannot penetrate our servers or data processing capability.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Eterna’s SOC team consists of a number of highly qualified professionals that monitor and support our IT systems. Our security system employs several tools, including the latest XDR technology, and our SOC team initiates prompt and corrective action once our XDR system flags a signal or transaction. Hence, Eterna’s employs a state-of-the-art security platform, in order to protect our users and exchange from bad actors.


Eterna employs Palo Alto Networks’s XDR system, which is identified by Gartner, as the industry leader. According to the annual Mitre Attack Tests, Palo Alto Networks consistently ranks #1 in threat detection and response.


Cortex XDR helps our SOC team to correlate a variety of network data with other sources to provide state-of-the-art monitoring and detection capabilities. Correlated data sources include:


Collected data from AWS and Akamai cloud services.

Other Sources

Any data sources that do not have native integrations will also be ingested by XDR and can be managed with manual correlation rules.

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