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2022-11-08 16:19:45

Out of an abundance of caution, and due to fears that the market will contract, we’ve migrated EHX’s LP on both chains. Please note the following:

1. STOP BUYING: Please DO NOT BUY from PCS, or Uniswap or Bitmart. If you buy now or at any time in the future from our old contract, you will lose your money and you will not be able to migrate your tokens.

2. MANUAL MIGRATION FOR LEGITIMATE INVESTORS: Investors who bought EHX prior to today’s migration event can migrate their tokens manually. Please contact @kurzmasta to migrate your tokens manually. Each transaction will be checked carefully, and only investors who bought EHX on the old contract before today’s migration event will be permitted to migrate their tokens.

3. MIGRATE BEFORE NOVEMBER 13, 2022. If you have not done so already, please migrate your tokens manually prior to Nov. 13, 2022. Any investor who migrates after Nov. 13, will not receive the 25% price bonus, and 20% of their tokens will be deducted as a tax.

4. OTC BUYING: If you planned to buy more EHX before the Nov. 13 deadline, you may still do so OTC -over the counter, which means you can still buy EHX tokens directly from Eterna and then migrate those tokens manually. For OTC purchases of EHX, please contact: @X_Piotr or @ProfessorChaos01

5. HELP US REJECT FUD: Please help us respond to any FUDDERs in the main chat, or in private, or on CMC or any other social media or crypto website. Please explain that no one has lost their money, and instead, EHX is migrating to a new contract.

6. PROFIT SHARING: Profit-sharing will commence immediately once we launch our Perpetual Futures DEX, and even prior to the launch of EHX’s new contract.

Thanks for all your support, Eternals. We couldn’t accomplish anything without you!

Best Regards,
2022-11-08 11:02:03

In order to protect your investment funds and Eterna from the current market risk, we are migrating today. Please note the following:

1. Anyone who has yet to migrate, can do so manually and without penalty, until the migration clock runs out (on Sunday, November 13).
2. Please do not buy EHX from PCS or Uniswap or Bitmart. Anyone who was planning to buy EHX tokens can do so OTC. Please contact @X_Piotr or @ProfessorChaos01 for OTC transactions.
3. $50,000 will be deposited in the LP of each chain today, for a total of $100,000 deposited in both chains (EHX BSC and EHX ETH).
4. A launch date for EHX will be announced soon.

Your money is safe, and our plan will proceed as scheduled.

Best Regards,
2022-11-08 08:32:48
Quick Update:

Hello Eternals,
We are running some maintenance on our website, and some pages won’t be available during the maintenance, especially (page). However, other pages on the website remain accessible.

Please note that the maintenance won’t affect the migration process, you can still migrate your tokens from V1 to V2 using the Migration platform.

Warm Regards,

Team Eterna.
2022-11-03 15:06:35

Migration day has arrived.

As you know, we’re migrating EHX to a new pro-growth contract with superior tokenomics. Our new token will have a LP/MC ratio that will better support sustained price appreciation. We will also use market making bots to achieve this goal.

Following migration, Eterna will launch its new Perpetual Futures DEX, which trades the most profitable assets in the crypto market. Crypto futures permit traders to leverage their investments by 2X – 125X, while limiting their downside risk.

How to Migrate your EHX tokens:

1. Connect your wallet
A wallet must be connected to continue. You can do that at the top of the page.

2. Approve EHX tokens for bridge.
Click on the approve button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

3. Bridge EHX Version 1 tokens for EHX Version 2 tokens.
After approving, click on migrate, and approve the migration. Your new EHX tokens will appear in your wallet. Please add the new EHX V2 contract address to your wallet: 0xE156ef68e42f33B74d23B497e37CE00a74873DBe
2022-10-29 20:02:55
Eternals! This is our plan:

In the short-run, we will launch our DEX and soon afterwards, our CEX, in order to generate cashflow and to maximize market exposure. Cashflow generation will also impress venture capital funds and will finance a continuous marketing campaign. Once we secure VC funding, we will proceed with the development of our futuristic Hybrid Exchange.

Our Hybrid Exchange should be ready at the beginning of the next bull run. By the end of 2024, Eterna will hopefully take its place as a one of the most successful new exchanges of the next bull market.
2022-10-29 19:25:00
Once we start migration, we will begin a marketing campaign promoted by a professional marketing firm with offices in Dubai. Professionals who can be held accountable. No more BSC scammer marketing "experts", who are only experts at lining their own pockets.
2022-10-29 19:21:10
Eterna AMA Summary: October 29, 2022

Eternals! Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for!!

1. Our new DEX: Today, we are excited to announce that we will soon release a new product that we’ve kept secret, and that will soon generate profits for all of us: We are happy to announce that we will soon release a fully-audited state-of-the-art Perpetual Futures DEX.

2. CEX License: We are also happy to announce that we’ve received our CEX license, and our CEX is in the final stages of development. We’re upgrading our CEX design to add functions like copy trading. Furthermore, our payment provider (deposit and withdrawal) is secured, and most importantly, our liquidity is secured by 3 different providers, so we won’t need to inject our own liquidity, and can instead spend those funds on Market-Making and marketing.

3. DEX before CEX: We’ve decided to launch our Perpetual Futures DEX before we launch our CEX, so we can begin generating cashflow as soon as possible.

4. EHX Relaunch: We’ve received feedback from VCs, tokenomics specialists, and our advisors that we need to update EHX’s tokenomics, and to adjust our LP/MC ratio, in order to support sustained price appreciation. Our current contract does not even allow us to reduce taxes to 0% buy and 0% sell taxes. For all these reasons, we’re will migrate EHX to a superior contract, with superior staking and minting features, so we can re-launch EHX with a more advantageous LP/MC ratio, and we can then employ Market-Making bots to generate a sustained price rally. Most importantly, EHX’s price will be supported by continuous cashflow from our new DEX.

5. Migration & 25% price premium. We will begin migration to our new EHX contract in 1 week. Migration will last approximately 2 weeks. Our migration panel is ready to deploy. All you have to do is connect your wallet to the migration panel, enter the amount of EHX tokens you wish to migrate, and press “migration”. You will immediately receive your new EHX tokens. Upon launch, all migrated tokens will re-launch with a price 25% higher than the EHX token price at the moment of migration. Hence, now is the time to buy EHX tokens to benefit from the 25% price premium that all our migrating investors will receive at the moment of re-launch.

6. Zero buy and sell tax. Our new token contract will include a 0% buy tax and a 0% sell tax. We will also use Marketing Making bots to sustain a healthy price rally over time. No pump and dumps; only steady price appreciation over time.

7. Venture Capital Firms: We’ve received strong positive feedback from VC funds. However, they’ve asked us to alter our tokenomics and to generate cashflow before they can take the next step in our negotiations.
2022-10-29 18:38:08
Great news Eternals!

Here's the recording of what's arguably the greatest AMA sessions ever.

The CEO and Founders made some amazing announcements;

✳️We have a new DEX that supports perpetual trades,

✳️New staking platform,

✳️New contract that will allow 0% tax on buy, sell and transfers,

✳️ New bridge.

💢And many more
2022-10-29 08:06:13
🚨 Only 8 hours left for our newest AMA❗️
Very important news is coming - make sure you not miss it!

👉 Join our main channel at 3PM UTC

See you soon, Eternals!
2022-10-06 23:30:24
Eterna Hybrid Exchange emerges as the most innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange at Crypto Expo Dubai, October 2022.

Crypto Expo Dubai is one of the biggest Crypto Events worldwide. The October 2022 edition had almost 10,000 investors and traders from 100+ companies around the globe in attendance.

About 7 other exchanges were nominated for this award but Eterna Hybrid Exchange won.

This further proves the fact that Eterna Hybrid Exchange is the most innovative and technologically advanced exchange ever, and strengthens our commitment to quality and excellent product/service delivery.

We dedicate this award to our team, investors, and the entire community. Thanks for your support, encouragement, understanding and cooperation. We could not have come this far without you. This is just the beginning of greater things to come.
2022-10-06 23:28:42
2022-10-05 21:34:56
Our CEO in a Discussion Panel at Crypto Expo Dubai (5th October 2022), discussing the topic “Why are crypto exchanges still flourishing?”

He talked about Eterna Hybrid Exchange, and also the relationship between Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and Centralised Exchange (CEX).

The event had almost 10,000 investors and traders from 100+ companies around the globe in attendance.

Crypto Expo Dubai is one of the biggest Crypto Events worldwide.
Today’s event was a big success for us.
2022-09-22 17:40:12
Hello Eternals,

If you have not filled out the anonymous trading habits questionnaire, here's the link, it's a very short 7 questions multiple choice form.

Please fill it👇👇

This questionnaire will help us build an exchange that is as close to a 'tailored made solution' for you as practically possible.

You can also share it with every trader and trading group that you belong to.

If you want to share the questionnaire in some groups where it is prohibited to promote external projects, you can share this link,
It’s a non-branded questionnaire.

Encourage the group members to share the links too.

It's completely anonymous.
2022-09-19 07:31:55
5th Launch Plan AMA Brief Summary (September 18th, 2022)

✳️ Profit will be calculated monthly. subtract expenses, tax, and anything else. We will calculate the net profit for the previous month and deposit it in the staking pool by the month's end.

✳️ Eterna can't share her financial statement because we are a private firm. However, the annual financial records can be gotten from public domains.

✳️USDT and EHX for future trading. There will be a provision for demo trading as well.

✳️Eterna blockchain is already on our Roadmap and it will be done in due course.

✳️here will be 0% tax ( buy and sell) when the exchange is live, .

✳️Eterna will not discuss her security strength, this is handled internally

✳️The Team has reached out to Certik and they have started auditing.

✳️We have around 3k holders

✳️For now, the new staking is not part of the new website. The new staking will come with a new update.

✳️We will ensure that our exchange and AMM work perfectly before it is released.

✳️The new staking will accompany profit sharing,

✳️Eterna will move its core team to Dubai. You can meet the whole team at Crypto Expo Dubai.

✳️The marketing Team will give the community update on our next AMA

✳️KYC won't be required to stake Ehx but it will be required to use the Exchange.

Enjoy our new website.
2022-09-10 19:08:24
Eternals, thank you for being with us in our last AMA! 🔥

If you missed out on it, you can still listen to the complete recording here ⬇️

Make sure to not miss the boat and join us next Saturday @ 2PM UTC on our TG channel!
2022-09-04 16:19:46
Eternals..Once again, please do not send BNB or USDT to our contract address or staking address. If you do so, your money will be lost and we have no way of reclaiming it, nor will we compensate you for your mistake.
2022-09-03 18:12:14
2022-09-03 18:12:01
Eternals! AMA record 03.09.2022

Here's the 3rd Launch Plan AMA/live demo of our Exchange.
2022-08-22 17:47:55

Stay tuned for more #CryptoNews from Eterna every Monday!

#CryptoNewsMondays #Eterna #EHX
2022-08-22 17:47:53
To conclude, we propose something from the Bitter Reply category. We share the opinion of @saylor.
@elonmusk shoul…
2022-08-22 17:47:51
3️⃣ Canadian authorities have selected #Bitcoin, Ethereum, #Litecoin, and Bitcoin #Cash as “unrestricted cryptocurr…
2022-08-22 17:47:49
2️⃣ The Ethereum Name Service started last week by announcing that during the previous three months, the number of…
2022-08-22 17:47:46
🪙📰 Eterna's #CryptoNewsMonday 👇

1️⃣ U.S. Treasury Department decided to ban its citizens from using Tornado Cash o…
2022-08-20 18:57:46
2022-08-20 07:22:44
Less than 12 hours left until our Launch Plan AMA Session goes live! ⏳

Don't forget to join us on Twitter Spaces a…
2022-08-19 16:22:47
Six years ago, this wallet bought 150,000 ETH worth $1.66M👇🏽


Today it's worth over $285…
2022-08-18 23:32:41
From the heart of the #crypto world, Dubai, straight to Twitter Spaces!
Join us on Saturday 20/8 at 5PM UTC⏰

We ha…
2022-08-18 20:32:56
Which technique sounds like something for you?

Follow our Twitter account to comment.
2022-08-18 20:32:54
3. Breakout trading is the strategy of entering a given trend as early as possible, ready for the price to break ou…
2022-08-18 20:32:52
2. Range trading is a strategy that seeks to take advantage of consolidating markets (one that remains within lines…
2022-08-18 20:32:51
1. Trend trading - relies on technical analysis to identify the direction of market momentum.

It is considered a…
2022-08-18 20:32:49
What’s the best trading strategy?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to trading, and no person’s strategy will…
2022-08-18 20:32:47
2. Range trading is a strategy that seeks to take advantage of consolidating markets (one that remains within lines…
2022-08-18 20:32:43
1. Trend trading - relies on technical analysis to identify the direction of market momentum.

It is considered a…
2022-08-17 18:22:46
Eternals, we'd love to know you better!

For this purpose, we have prepared a short and friendly form which we ask…
2022-08-16 17:17:48
Did you know that our native token $EHX trades cross-chain?

That means It costs pennies to move #EHX from the BSC…
2022-08-15 15:22:51

Stay tuned for more #CryptoNews from Eterna every Monday!

#CryptoNewsMondays #Eterna #EHX
2022-08-15 15:22:49
$1.5 billion enters SHIB's market cap in 24 hours as meme coin gains 22%🚀

According to CoinMarketCap data, as of…
2022-08-15 15:22:47
Ethereum sees a setback after breaking $2k first time in 74 days💰

#Ethereum continued to consolidate around $2,000…
2022-08-15 15:22:42
#Bitcoin passed the $25,000 level late on Saturday night for the first time since June 13!

#BTC is up just 5.85%…
2022-08-12 16:47:48
#Crypto prices can rise and fall quite dramatically day to day.

Some newer #traders are often tricked into panic s…
2022-08-11 17:42:40
In July, the cryptocurrency market bounced back to a $1 trillion market capitalization🚀

#ETH led the pack with 7 s…
2022-08-10 20:17:42
RT @Atrimi: Beautifull isn't it? $ehx @Eterna_Hybrid
2022-08-10 19:17:49
Why does Eterna stand out from other exchanges?

After all, we have #centralized exchanges (#CEX) and…
2022-08-09 18:17:43
Technical analysis (#TA) is a technique for projecting the likelihood of future #price changes using #volume analys…
2022-08-09 00:57:46
2022-08-09 00:08:06
Hello Eternals!
2022-07-06 20:22:47
Quick Update

As we know, Eterna Hybrid Exchange is a combination of (CEX) centrally administered Order Book, and (DEX) Automatic Market Maker-governed Exchange.

We have found innovative ways to avoid the disadvantages of CEX and DEX while leveraging the advantages of the respective technologies.

The Centralised Exchange has been fully developed and is ready for deployment, the Automatic Market Marker Aggregator (AMM Aggregator) is in an advanced stage of development with satisfactory results.

Remember that we are doing something that has never been done before, we want it done right than done in a hurry.

The AMM Aggregator is an important and integral part of our Exchange, as a result, we will not launch the Exchange until our developers have finalised work on the AMM Aggregator and it's fully tested

We appreciate your patience and understanding thus far. Your patience will pay off. In a matter of time, you will get to trade on the Exchange.
2022-06-12 12:35:43
2022-05-23 16:36:09
2022-05-18 23:07:03
2022-04-19 13:44:15
2022-04-08 00:27:56
2022-04-06 18:18:50

Go like, retweet, and comment! Bitmart trading is officially live!
2022-04-06 12:49:35
2022-04-01 19:01:58
The #Eterna Viral TikTok Challenge 🎥

🔥 The time has come to showcase yourself with ETERNA!

We are excited to announce a TikTok challenge unlike any other with rewards unlike any other!

✅ To enter yourself into the challenge, follow the steps below:

1. Create a TikTok Video

2. Video content must be related to EHX staking and profit sharing.
- Must Mention #Eterna Hybrid Exchange
- This video does not have to have your face or anything relating directly to “you” as a person. This can be a green screen video.

3. Must use hashtag #Eterna in the description

4. Must have at least 10,000+ views & 500+ likes

5. Fill out form + submit link for TikTok
👈 (Can submit up to 5 videos)

6. Must be entered by 4/4/2022

🚀 2 winners will be selected to receive $500 BUSD PRIZE 💰

🎊 This is an opportunity to grow your following and community as well as win amazing prizes from us at Eterna! ….you do NOT want to miss out on this!
2022-04-01 10:41:46
trading :4/6 5:00am EDT
withdrawal:4/7 5:00amEDT
deposit:4/10 5:00am EDT
2022-03-31 17:36:10
Eternals! Trading on Bitmart should begin soon. We have completed all requirements for trading to begin. We will also conduct a $25,000 minimum buyback, in order to support the Bitmart price once trading begins.
2022-03-31 12:37:11
2022-03-19 11:22:18
Quick Update:

The staking platform is still being tested and fine tuned.

It's taking this long because we want to ensure the platform is working optimally before we deploy it.

Please be patient.

We will inform the community once the platform is deployed for use.

About Bitmart, there was a little issue that needed to be sorted out, they're working on it. Hopefully it'll be ready in a couple of days.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
2022-03-19 08:33:33


Anyone joining any illegal and fake Community created by scammers does so at his or her own risk.


⚠️EHX Admins/Mods will never DM you first!!

⚠️There is no EHX Support, there's no EHX Support Group or staff

⚠️ If ANYONE messages you privately as an Admin, take a screenshot, report and block them immediately you can also report to admins.

⚠️ EHX team will NEVER contact you FIRST in private ! Scammers sometimes try to impersonate the admins/mod!

⚠️ Do not trust ANYONE contacting you saying they're from SUPPORT / HELP etc, they're NOT. There is no EHX support!

⚠️ NEVER give the seed/passphrase of your wallet to anyone!

⚠️ Eterna Hybrid Exchange Admins/Mods will not send you a link in private asking you to install any extensions or programs!

Use /Adminlist to verify EHX Admins/Mods

Do not click on any link sent to you via DM!! Always verify links here, use links supplied by Rose or Mod only


Team Eterna Hybrid Exchange
2022-03-19 08:06:33
2022-03-19 07:26:57
🎖 🏆 🎖 🏆 🎖 🏆 🎖 🏆 🎖 🏆 🎖

🎗 Below are our 5 randomly selected accounts for our Twitter competition, to receive $100 each! 💸

✨ @Jacob777_
✨ @Muruq7
✨ @NikolayLexus
✨ @Cryptokid912115
✨ @Maqas177

💰 Kindly send a DM to the official Eterna Twitter page with your wallet addresses💰.

🎈Congratulations guys 🏆🏆

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