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Eterna Migration

We migrated early to protect our Community!

Eternals! Out of an abundance of caution, and exposure to further market risk, we’ve migrated EHX’s LP on both chains. Please refer to the next steps below or directly join the conversation in our Telegram channel.


EHX 7D Chart


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EHX Token

Thank you for being with us!


Migrate Your Tokens

Investors who bought EHX prior to migration (11/8/2022) can manually migrate their tokens. Please click HERE to complete the migration form. EHX tokens bought on the previous contract and prior to migration will receive new tokens.

Migration Form

Migration Deadline: Sunday, Nov. 13

If you have not done so already, please migrate your tokens manually prior to Nov. 13, 2022. Any investor who migrates after Nov. 13, will not receive the 25% price bonus, and 20% of their tokens will be deducted as a tax.

Migration Countdown

EHX Migration ended on November 08, 2022


How will investors benefit from migration?

Both current and NEW investors will benefit from migration. EHX will relaunch with a 25% price premium. That means holders can expect a 25% price bonus simply by purchasing EHX before migration ends.

What can we expect from EHX's relaunch?

EHX will relaunch with a 25% price bonus. Market-making bots will support a healhty rate of price appreciation, and EHX's market value will be backed by profit-sharing from Eterna DEX.

Eterna CEX

Centralized Exchange

EHX is the native token of our centralized exchange. Approximately 33% of listed tokens will be paired with EHX.

Eterna CEX supports: Spot Trading, Perpetual Futures Trading, Copy Trading, Staking Rewards, Lending, Android and iOS app, and much more.

Eterna DEX

Perpetual Futures DEX

EHX is the native token of our Perpetual Futures DEX. Perpetual Futures constitute the largest sector of crypto markets (approximately 45% of total crypto trading volume).  Currently, DEXs handle only 2% of Perpetual Futures trading, which suggests that there is enormous room for growth.

The Robinhood Function

Robinhood is a proprietary function specific to EHX, that taxes front-running bots. The tokens collected by this function will be sent to the burn wallet. The Robinhood function is activated by any transaction that takes place on the same block.

Future Developments


We will soon release a fully-audited state-of-the-art Perpetual Futures DEX with EHX as its native token.


We've received our CEX license, and our CEX is in the final stages of development and will be launched with EHX as its native token.


Our new token contract includes 0% buy and a 0% sell tax. Volume will be organically generated and revenue will not be dependent upon buy and sell taxes.


Our new staking platform will contain two pools, where one will reward you in EHX, and the second will reward you in stable coin USDC.


The user’s panel on the new staking platform will also provide relevant statistics, so investors will remain fully informed about their staking rewards.

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