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Eterna’s propriety AMM-aggregator

brings centralized and decentralized trading together in one platform for the first time. Our AMM connects CEX wallets to the most popular DEX trading platforms, including PCS and Uniswap, all with the click of a button. Currently, only tokens paired with $EHX can be traded on DeFi platforms. Eterna’s cross-chain Swap provides our investors with full access to prominent DEXs on multiple blockchains. Eterna is the first exchange to enable the majority of crypto investors, who trade primarily on CEXs, to access the dynamic world of Defi.

Automatic Market Makers (AMMs)

use price oracles to collect market data in order to discover equilibrium asset prices. Rather than matching buy and sell orders, AMM-based DEXs employ liquidity pools containing trading pairs, which allows traders to execute their orders. Eterna’s Swap revolutionizes hybrid trading by innovating far beyond standard AMMs. Eterna's swap allows CEX investors to trade cross-chain on a variety of DEXs, and its also interoperable, so investors can effortlessly swap tokens across multiple blockchains.

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