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Welcome to Eterna Hybrid Exchange, the first perpetual futures DEX that accesses the market’s largest CEX liquidity pools, and provides its users with cutting-edge trading tools, all without the need for KYC. Eterna brings together the privacy and anonymity of DeFi trading, with access to over $2.5 billion in CEX liquidity, providing our users with 200+ perpetual trading pairs and 300+ spot trading pairs.

Eterna’s universal swap also allows cross-chain trading of any token between the Ethereum and BSC networks, with other networks to be added in the near future. Eterna DEX is the safest and most secure trading environment due to our partnership with Chainalysis and Palo Alto Networks; two of the leading crypto and cybersecurity firms in the world. Join our waitlist now to be among the first to experience the features and benefits of Eterna.

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