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What is Eterna Hybrid Exchange? A brief introduction


Professor Chaos


September 16, 2022

“Crypto” is a term that conjures many images; underground finance, virtual assets, high risk — high reward computerized money, that few understand, and most people avoid.

This article will explain the basics of crypto space; Economics 101 of crypto markets if you will, that hopefully everyone can understand, and may serve as a gateway for those who are interested in crypto, but who have yet to take the plunge. I will also introduce Eterna, a new exchange that brings all of the crypto space together in one, easy to use place, where average investors can potentially earn the rewards of the much-vaunted crypto markets.

Crypto markets are like any other market; they have buyers and sellers, and as a result of the interaction of thousands and millions of buyers and sellers, a price emerges that Economists like to call “the equilibrium price”, which is simply the price at which supply = demand. In this sense, there is nothing extraordinary about crypto markets and at the most fundamental level, they operate just like any other market.

What is special and perhaps unique about crypto markets is that they are a forum for buying and selling virtual assets. These assets are created by computers solving difficult mathematical problems, that guarantees that crypto assets cannot be copied or falsified. The firms selling these assets (if you make a good investment) are very real however, and like other firms, they provide services that add value to the market.

So, if you are smart or lucky enough to invest in a reputable crypto firm, and the services it provides become highly demanded by consumers, its possible for the holders of crypto to make 10 times, 100 times or even 1,000 times their initial investment, and that’s why so many people are excited about crypto. It’s the possibility of achieving financial freedom, in a relatively short period of time (years or sometimes even months), that attracts trillions of dollars to crypto markets.

But how do these markets actually operate, you may be asking, and how can I participate without losing my shirt? And how does Eterna, the newest exchange on the block, help investors make good on the promise of achieving their financial independence? These are all good questions, that we can now begin to answer.

2. What is Eterna?

Eterna is a new type of crypto exchange. It brings together the two most important aspects of crypto markets, centralized and decentralized exchanges, which have traditionally been separate, together in one place. That’s what “hybrid” means.

Our exchange is “hybrid” because it brings together the two dominant modes of crypto trading together for the first time, and that’s why our exchange is called: “Eterna Hybrid Exchange”. By doing so, Eterna can bring new investors into the crypto space and allow more experienced investors to access parts of crypto markets they have never accessed before.

In that way, Eterna adds genuine value to the market, and is therefore an investment of enormous potential. The market is driven by technological innovation, and firms that can bring innovations to the market, tend to benefit the most from appreciation of their asset prices.

Investors who are smart enough to invest in these innovations, can then reap the rewards of doing so, in terms of holding an asset of increasing value, which can be sold at a profit, or held onto further in the hope of further price appreciation.

Eterna also provides potential benefits to its investors that have yet to be replicated by other exchanges. Before we dive into all that, you may be wondering: but what is a centralized exchange? What is a decentralized exchange? Why is it useful to bring them together, and most importantly, how can this help me make money?

Learn answers to those questions and also find out more about Eterna Hybrid Exchange in our next article What makes Eterna unique among the existing crypto exchange platforms?.