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Can Cryptocurrency Transactions be Tracked?

Cryptocurrency has become a popular method for conducting payments and investments over the blockchain. With the rise of…

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The Ultimate Guide to Perpetual Futures Trading in Crypto

Perpetual Futures Contracts are one of the best crypto assets to help you manage both volatility and risk…

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Blockchain Layer 1 vs. Layer 2 Scaling Solutions

Blockchain has been making significant leaps in DeFi, globally. But for it to compete with the legacy, centralized…

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Should you move from CEX to DEX?

According to recent statistics, over 90% of cryptocurrency trading volume takes place on centralized exchanges, while decentralized exchanges…

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What Is Layer 1 in Blockchain?

Why hasn’t cryptocurrency taken over visa payments yet? It’s because while Visa processes 1700 Transactions Per Second (TPS),…

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How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency?

After dabbling in cryptocurrencies for a good amount of time, trading, and investing in them, you might be…

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