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Eterna Wins Award for Most Innovative Exchange of 2022


Professor Chaos


November 2, 2022

During October’s Dubai Crypto Expo, Eterna was granted the award of “Most Innovative Exchange of 2022”.  This honor was bestowed upon Eterna due to its unique cutting-edge features that have yet to be developed by any other exchange.

Eterna is unique because it provides investors access to the entire financial market, from one exchange and one bank account. First, Eterna combines the best features of CEXs (price transparency) and DEXs (security) while avoiding their respective drawbacks. Through its universal swap, Eterna allows CEX traders to invest cross-chain on the major DEXs on all the major blockchains, which is a technical feat that no other CEX can match.  Second, Eterna provides investors access to margin trading of equities, Forex, metals, energy, and many other alternative assets.  Third, Eterna allows investors to open an IBAN-bank account directly on its exchange platform, thereby minimizing the transaction costs and trading-time time required for investors to access every corner of global financial markets.

While its hybrid nature alone is sufficient to distinguish Eterna among its peers, it has even more to offer investors.  Holders of $EHX, Eterna’s native token will also benefit from generous staking rewards offered by the platform.  Staking allows holders to lend liquidity (in the form of their tokens) to the blockchain network, and in return, stakers receive rewards in the form of additional tokens in their wallets. Perhaps the most importantly, $EHX token stakers will collectively receive 50% of Eterna’s net income, distributed as stablecoin on a per-block basis.  That means that Eterna token stakers are eligible to receive cash in their wallets, as part of their reward for staking their $EHX tokens.

No other exchange in the market offers so many unique features and rewards for its investors and token stakers.  No other exchange unites CEXs and DEXs on one platform, and no other exchange distributes 50% of its net income to its token stakers.  For all these reasons, Eterna so impressed the judges at Crypto Expo Dubai, that they awarded it with one of Dubai Crypto Expo’s most prestigious prizes.