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Eterna Hybrid Exchange has launched its new and innovative staking platform




February 2, 2023

Dubai – Eterna hybrid exchange has just launched its new staking platform that offers investors multiple rewards for staking its native EHX tokens. As part of this exciting launch, Eterna has airdropped its new EHX V2 tokens to existing investors who have migrated their V1 EHX tokens on either the Binance Smart Chain or the Ethereum ERC20 network.


This new hybrid trading model offers the best of both worlds – investors can enjoy the security and control of a decentralized exchange while accessing the liquidity and low trading fees of tier-1 centralized exchanges. The platform’s cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for both seasoned crypto traders and new users looking to join the growing crypto space.


Eterna Exchange’s CEO, Piotr Skoczylas, said, “We are thrilled to offer our investors the ability to earn rewards through staking and to provide them with a seamless and secure trading experience. Our hybrid exchange model is the future of the crypto industry, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting development.”


Investors can also take advantage of the airdrop of EHX V2 tokens, which are now available on the Ethereum ERC20 network, by staking their assets on the new Staking platform.  Eterna rewards the stakers of its native EHX token in two ways. First, EHX token stakers receive a 20% APY in token rewards, and second, EHX token stakers collectively receive 50% of Eterna’s income from trading fees, distributed on an hourly basis. More staking options will be announced soon, as the platform looks to cater to all kinds of crypto investors, right from beginners to enthusiasts.


About Eterna Exchange:

Eterna Exchange is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that offers centralized and decentralized trading on a single platform. Founded in 2021, Eterna is committed to providing investors with a secure and easy-to-use platform for buying, selling, and storing crypto assets.

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