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EHX Migration is Live – Get Your 25% Premium Bonus!




November 4, 2022

Eterna has restructured the tokenomics of its native EHX token in order to maximize the project’s value.

Following Eterna’s announcement regarding its new tokenomics on Saturday, EHX’s price increased by over 40%! And that happened without disclosing the news to the broader audience beyond our channels. The migration, which started yesterday (3/11/2022) will see existing tokens migrated to an improved smart contract. To help encourage existing holders to migrate and new users to get involved, EHX will be re-launch with a 25% increase in its market value. That means holders can expect a 25% price bonus by purchasing EHX before the migration process is complete.

The new EHX token contract provides superior staking and minting features that can better support sustained price appreciation. The changes will also allow Eterna to better support exchange utilities, further driving the adoption of the platform and its token.

So why is Eterna making these changes in the first place?

Venture capital firms, tokenomics specialists, and high-level advisors asked Eterna to update its tokenomics and to adjust EHX’s liquidity pool-to-market capitalization (LP/MC) ratio in order to support sustained price appreciation. The new token contract will also offer superior staking and minting features. Furthermore, once EHX is re-launched with a pro-growth LP-to-MC ratio, Eterna will employ market-making bots to generate a sustained price rally over time. Most importantly, EHX’s price will be supported by continuous cash-flow from its new Perpetual Futures DEX.

How can you participate in the 25% bonus?

First, you need to hold EHX tokens, which are still on sale on Pancakeswap, Uniswap and Bitmart.  Then, you only need to connect your wallet to the migration panel, enter the amount of EHX tokens you wish to migrate, and press the “migration” button, and you will immediately receive your new EHX tokens. All migrated tokens will re-launch with a 25% price bonus compared to the pre-migration price. The new token contract will also include a 0% buy and a 0% sell tax, as well as anti-frontrunning bot protection mechanism.

The EHX migration began on November 03 and will continue until 12 midnight UTC, Sunday, November 13.