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What Determines the Price of Cryptocurrencies?

The price of cryptocurrency depends on several market and non-market factors. Right from the technology backing the cryptocurrency…

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What Is Leverage in Crypto, Forex and Margin Trading?

Leverage refers to the act of using borrowed capital to trade in the market.    The ultimate goal…

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What Are Perpetual Futures Contracts in Crypto?

A crypto trader has numerous options of instruments they can invest in. There is staking, margin trading, strategy…

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35 most used crypto acronyms and slang words

There are some things you could know about cryptocurrency and some things you should know. Whether you’re new…

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Crypto and Forex online trading: similarities and differences

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become mainstream, and many traders wonder whether they should focus on crypto markets…

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Top 5 Investment Principles for Crypto Beginners

Many crypto participants are gamblers and speculators and not investors. What’s the difference? A gambler is looking for…

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