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Eterna Releases its long-awaited Perpetual Futures DEX

Eterna has launched its long-awaited Perpetual Futures DEX, as a first stage in its vision to re-invent crypto…

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Eterna Wins Award for Most Innovative Exchange of 2022

During October’s Dubai Crypto Expo, Eterna was granted the award of “Most Innovative Exchange of 2022”.  This honor…

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Top 5 Investment Principles for Crypto Beginners

Many crypto participants are gamblers and speculators and not investors. What’s the difference? A gambler is looking for…

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5 Essential Tools for a Crypto Trader

Crypto investing is a technically demanding part of the market, compared to stocks or bonds.  Crypto is a…

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10 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2022 (Cold & Hot Storage)

Crypto wallets are necessary for anyone who wishes to trade crypto currencies and NFTs.  Crypto wallets provide access…

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Eterna’s AMM-aggregator: One of our innovative core features

Eterna is unique in that it has developed an AMM aggregator that can connect its CEX to the…

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